What is Scanregw.exe

ScanRegistry - Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Millennium Operating System - Microsoft Corporation

File description

Scanregw.exe with description ScanRegistry is a process file from company Microsoft Corporation belonging to product Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Millennium Operating System.
The file is not digitally signed.

What is scanregw.exe?
This is a process that is associated with a number of viruses and Trojans.

If you see this process on your system, terminate it immediately and run a virus scan.

Dangers of scanregw
As this is process is associated solely with malware, it is imperative that you remove it immediately. The following malware is known to use this name:
  • W32/Stator (%SystemRoot%\System32)
    • This is a moderately destructive mass-mailing worm that renames all .exe files to .vxd and prepends itself to them.
  • W32/Nyxem (%SystemRoot%\System32)
    • This is a highly destructive mass-mailing worm that has several serious payloads. Upon installation, it copies itself to several locations on your hard drive. It then scans your hard drive for many types of address books, harvests the email addresses, and mails itself to every email address it harvested. It then proceeds to attempt to spread via network shares and known network vulnerabilities.
    • On the third day of every month, the worm attempts to destroy all files it can find with the extensions .doc, .xls, .mdb, .mde, .ppt, .pps, .zip, .rar, .pdf, .psd, .dmp. It then proceeds to terminate and attempt to destroy the installation of a number of anti-virus and firewall applications. It also attempts to ruin the installations of a number of peer-to-peer applications.
  • W32/Kraze-B (%SystemRoot%\System32)
    • This is a worm that is able to communicate with a remote HTTP server. It also attempts to delete your first two scheduled tasks.
There should never see an instance of scanregw.exe running in the Task Manager. The presence of an instance is a sure indicator of a malware infection.

Common problems
  • I can't run a virus scan!
    • Try booting into safe mode to run a scan. If you still cannot, you may need to reinstall your anti-virus software. If this is the case, be sure to reinstall it in safe mode so that the virus cannot disable it again.

Automatic startup locations

001 Running Processes
002 Autorun registry entries local machine
003 Autorun registry entries Current User
008 Autorun registry entries Default user
009 Autorun registry entries SYSTEM user

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Some versions of this filename have not yet been checked for safety.
Warning: Some malware might rename itself to scanregw.exe. Always make sure that your file is from a verified publisher.

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Application errors

Fix scanregw.exe application error:  Run a FREE registry scan

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