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MyWebSearch Email Plugin - My Web Search Bar for Internet Explorer, email clients, and messenger clients - MyWebSearch.com

File description

Mwsoemon.exe with description MyWebSearch Email Plugin is a process file from company MyWebSearch.com belonging to product My Web Search Bar for Internet Explorer, email clients, and messenger clients.
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What is mwsoemon.exe?
This is part of the My Web Search toolbar application. It is installed along with software such as Smiley Central and other common vectors of spyware and adware.

This program is not essential to the operation of the system and is widely considered to be spyware. The following screenshot illustrates how the process will appear in the Task Manager if your system is infected:

Notice that mwsoemon.exe typically runs as the current user (in this case, Mike); however, no matter what user it is running as, if you see this process running on your system, your computer is infected with spyware.

Dangers of mwsoemon
This process is part of many spyware-laden software packages. It adds a search bar to Internet Explorer and Firefox, hijacks your browser's home page, displays pop-up ads even when you are not browsing the Internet, and generally degrades the performance of your system. If you see this process, uninstall My Web Search and then run a spyware scan on your system.

Common problems
  • This process uses 100% CPU time
    • This is a potential symptom of this piece of malware. Remove it at once.
  • My home page suddenly changed!
    • This is one purpose of this piece of malware. Remove it immediately.
  • Some programs suddenly stopped working!
    • This is one potential side effect of this piece of malware. Remove it immediately and run a spyware scan.
  • You are warned that mwsoemon.exe cannot be found
    • This is generally caused by a botched uninstallation of the malware (e.g., by using anti-spyware software without first going through the normal My Web Search uninstallation procedure). The easiest way to remove this may be to reinstall My Web Search, perform a proper uninstallation, and then run an anti-spyware utility to remove any traces of this malware that may be left over.

Automatic startup locations

001 Running Processes
002 Autorun registry entries local machine
003 Autorun registry entries Current User
004 All users startup startmenu
005 Current user startup startmenu
008 Autorun registry entries Default user
009 Autorun registry entries SYSTEM user

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Application errors

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